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Iced Dalgona Coffee or Pre-Ground Coffee for Cold Brew

Coffee is loved in every form, whether it be Arabica or Robusta, Espresso or Latte, Cappuccino or Mocha Latte, Dalgona, or cold brew. Coffee is not a drink but emotions and personalities are attached to the likes and dislikes regarding the flavor of the coffee.

Dalgona candies have become a new center of attraction for many people after the popularity of a Korean web series on Netflix by the name of “Squid Game”. This series made a rise in demand for coffee and Pre-ground coffee for cold brew

Cold Dalgona Coffee:

Indeed Dalgona and cold brew have their separate exotic tastes and enjoy a separate fan base. Here is a quick pointer that can help you choose your favorite drink.

  • Cold Dalgona Coffee is creamy and rich in taste.
  • It doesn’t have extremely high levels of caffeine.
  • You need to give it a good mix before having a sip
  • It is quick to make and does not require to leave at rest.
  • Sweeter in taste
  • It is made using instant coffee

Dalgona is a type of coffee that is a type of frothy iced ice that is whipped and made by adding water, sugar, and milk. Popularly known to be as fluffy coffee you need to give it a good long enough Wisk to get the perfect whippy, fluffy and frothy consistency.

Dalgona isn’t your typical at-home coffee experience; it’s more like experiencing a gourmet coffee at the coffee shop. We had no choice but to investigate and invent our café-level masterpieces mid-pandemic, with our cities and villages in lockdown and our beloved cafés shuttered. Dalgona, among other quarantine baking sensations, became a global at-home production overnight.

Cold Brew:

On the other hand While Cold brew coffee is best for the people who like to have:

  • A lighter drink
  • A strong punch of caffeine
  • Slightly sweet in taste
  • Required a longer time to let the ground coffee mixture rest in the water
  • Expensive at coffee shops but cheaper at home.
  • It is made with ground coffee

Of course, there’s the less watered-down taste. This is accomplished by brewing the coffee in the cold (or room temperature) rather than hot water. That is why it is priced twice as much as a normal cold coffee. Another reason can be that it needs to have premium quality Pre Ground Coffee for Cold Brew. It tastes good when given enough time to let it rest. The better the settled down and well-infused mixture, the better it will taste. It’s up to you if you want to add milk but if you want to have a strong shot. 

If I would like to add my personal opinion, what I like the most are Pre-Ground Coffee for Cold brew, as it’s lighter in texture and strong in nature. But it may vary upon your mood, craving, and most importantly availability. Both of the coffees have a high fan base and are widely consumed and lovely by people all around the world.